Thank You And Goodnight

To all of our wonderful customers,

Merry Christmas! From all of us here at Euphoria, we'd just like to thank you all for your continued support in 2018. What a year it's been! As December draws to a close, we thought it would be good to look back over the past 12 months and enjoy a trip down memory lane.

Euphoria shop

So what have we achieved this year? Well, we've had plenty of changes along the way. The start of 2018 saw the launch of our beautiful new website. Our site has allowed us to reach a whole new audience and you've certainly made the most of it! Now that shopping from your sofa is easier than ever, we've loved reading your messages and shipping out more parcels than we thought possible!


The online journey didn't end there. Our Euphoria Facebook Members Group came to life this year, allowing women all across the country to post pictures of themselves in our clothing and encourage a whole community of fashion-forward women. YOU are the faces of Euphoria, and we've absolutely loved seeing all your posts come in.

Have you been watching any of our live videos this year? If you have, then you'll notice that we celebrated our 9th birthday back in summer! The warm sunny months saw plenty of photoshoots for us, as well as a cake or two!


Charity work and "doing our bit" has also been a focus here in 2018. Over the Easter period we collected dozens of eggs and took them down to St Andrew's Hospice in Grimsby to give out to the children. Now that Christmas is nearly here, we've been collecting selection boxes and only last week took them along to the Louth Community Food Bank.

Easter eggs

Things are bigger and better than ever here at Euphoria, and we can't wait to bring in the New Year.

We do hope you'll continue to enjoy shopping with us in 2019.
All the best,

Katie and the Euphoria team x