5 Tips for Clothing Confidence for Over 50s

How to dress confidently colourful clothes over 50s Euphoria Boutique

Embrace those colourful stylish clothes

At Euphoria we 100% believe that fifty plus women’s fashion should be a fun merging of colourful and comfortable stylish clothes (to the point we even wrote an entire page dedicated just to colourful clothing for over 50s!).

If you’re struggling to find the bravery to wear bright colours and feel confident in them, read on as we dive into some tips for clothing confidence for over 50s to help you regain the ability to wear bright colours with assurance.

When it comes to confidence, not just in clothing, we absolutely love this quote by Marianne Williamson: “We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be?”

Why not embrace some fifty plus women’s fashion that embodies the colourful life moments you’ve lived? We've gone through incredibly precious experiences like giving birth to a child, and incredibly hard experiences like saying goodbye to loved ones. We may not have the waistline of our 20s but we also have gained friendships and wisdom we didn’t have then.

So let’s look at 5 tips to help give you the bravery to rock the bold clothes you’re dreaming of wearing but haven’t quite plucked up the courage to yet.

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 1. Find out whether you’ve got a warm or cool skin tone.

If you haven’t read it, this blog post on finding your skin tone is a great starting place.

Knowing you’re wearing a flattering colour enables you to choose colours with a lot more confidence because you know you’re putting your best brightly-coloured foot forward. It gives you a basic colour palette to enjoy experimenting with.

2. Wear something you love.

It sounds simple but it makes a huge difference in our confidence! You could be wearing the most comfortable stylish clothes you know, clothes that you’ve seen others wearing with ease, but it won’t give you the same confidence boost if you don’t personally love them.

Don’t wear something that someone else loves on you. Don’t wear something you’ve been told you should. And definitely don’t wear something because ‘that’s what women my age do’.

Wear something you love getting out the wardrobe and putting on. Wear an outfit that makes you smile at your reflection. Wear something that you get excited about modelling.

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3. Get the shoes right.

We’ve all done it - worn that pair of shoes that looked good but felt painful after about 2 minutes of standing in them. It’s hard to think of anything, let alone act confidently, when your feet are being subjected to slow torture!

Therefore, do pay attention to your shoes. Similar to clothes though, that doesn’t mean you have to wear a pair of plain pumps that you have no enthusiasm at all about wearing. Comfortable footwear does not have to be boring. Tie dye pumps, sparkle trainers, even gold speckled loafers have all featured here at Euphoria - their two unifying themes are comfort and style.

Aim for a pair that are very comfortable to wear but add something extra to the outfit whether that's a bit of bling, class, or colour.

 4. It's all about free size clothing.

If you’ve hung around at Euphoria Boutique for any length of time, you’ll know we’ve a love affair going on with free size clothing. It’s an absolute confidence changer - you’re wearing clothing that is flattering by default.

Free size clothing (you can read more about why we love free size clothing here) is designed to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes with fabrics that drape and stretch as required. It’s the epitome of comfortable stylish clothes.

The liberation of free size is you're no longer defined by a number on a tab but by how it looks and feels on you.

5. Your attitude: Decide you’re going to wear what you want and just wear it!

There is always going to be someone who doesn’t like it (even the Duchess of Cambridge, a global style icon, has people who disagree with her clothing choices!) but don’t let their disapproval rain on your parade!

If you’ve always fancied wearing a teal hoodie, you know it’s just the right shade for you, it would be comfortable to wear with a flattering cut, yet feel held back because someone might think hoodies are only ‘for the young’ - ignore them! You wear that hoodie, lift your head high, and enjoy wearing an item of clothing you absolutely love.

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We hope these tips have helped you and you can join one of our lovely ladies who said: “I am loving having an interest in clothes again and feeling confident in my new clothes. Re-found my style. Perfect!

Are there any other tips you can think of, ways to confidently wear colourful fifty plus women’s fashion? If so, please come share them with us in our exclusive Euphoria Boutique Facebook group! The ladies in there are great cheerleaders and love sharing their passion for colourful clothes.