Happy International Women's Day 2021

Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women International Women's Day 2021 Euphoria Boutique

One of our absolute favourite parts of the Euphoria Facebook Group (join us if you haven’t already!) is how these women truly are each other’s biggest cheerleaders. In what has been an incredibly hard 12 months for all of us, these ladies have cheered, cried, and encouraged us all as a group.

For International Women’s Day 2021, we want to celebrate those cheerleaders! So we’ve rounded up their best advice (and smiling faces) to help us all spread a bit more kindness and colour - not just on one day, but throughout the rest of the year as well.

Be specific in your compliments

Loads of ladies were highlighting other women who had gone out of their way to specifically compliment them - whether it was for getting dressed on a hard day, or how amazing a certain item of clothing looked on them.

We all love getting compliments and being specific shows you’ve really paid attention. Just look what a good compliment can do: “My clothes are brighter and so is my smile!”

Say thank you

When is a better time to pick up the phone and give one of your girlfriends a quick ring to thank them than on a day designed to celebrate women?!

This past year has shown all of us just how precious friends are and how hard it is without them. If there’s a woman who has really cheered you on, thank her for being there for you.

It doesn’t have to be a phone call - why not grab a cheerful postcard or greeting card and pop one in the post for her? Or even a Facebook message.

“I feel like I have an extended Family so A BIG SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE for kindness, support, and Friendship.”

This is not just a group its family euphoria boutique

Pop something small in the post

Is there anything more exciting than a mystery parcel in the post? Encourage some of the women in your life by getting a small box of chocolates or a colourful scarf. Add a quick note and pop it in the post.

(Bonus points if you know which Euphoria top she’s been eying up and order that for her!)

Be kind

“As the T-shirt says: “In a world where you can be anything, be kind”. That sums up this group - kindness and support.”

A bit of kindness really does brighten someone’s day. Whether that’s just smiling at someone (we’ve all perfected the eye smile by now, thanks to our masks!), dropping off a bunch of daffodils on your way back from the shops to a housebound friend, or volunteering to walk someone’s dog while they’re recovering from an op. Be creative!

Share your story

Many of the ladies are walking through some really difficult situations, whether that’s job losses, health issues, missing loved ones, and many more hard things. So often when one lady shares her story, others walking through the same thing jump onboard and there’s a chance to lift the loneliness of a hard journey.

If you’re walking through something hard, don’t be afraid to share it. You sharing it may help someone else also going through it and give them permission to speak of the pain.

“I always love seeing all the posts from the lovely inspiring ladies in this group. You all look fabulous, and your stories are uplifting”

Being here is an escape women supporting women at Euphoria Boutique

Provide an escape

Let’s face it, it’s not the easiest of worlds to live in right now. Many of our ladies love the escape in the Facebook group that’s packed full of fashionistas showing off their colourful purchases (if you love comfy colourful clothing, you need to join us!). Why not invite some of your colour-loving friends to join us in the group as well?

If that’s not their cup of tea, why not set a date for a Zoom tea-party and get all dressed up (suitably colourful outfits, of course) and have a good chinwag about everything and anything! Or maybe it needs to be a literal escape and you drag them outside for a walk with you. We’re all fighting lockdown ruts so help a friend escape it for a bit.

No Judgement

Be the friend that bites her tongue! In an era where tearing someone down on social media is almost a hobby, be the one friends know they can come to and there’s no judgement. Whether that’s because they want to celebrate their 70th by sky diving or are feeling the need of a bubble gum pink hoodie or something more serious. Make sure they really know you’re in their corner.

Introduce them to the world of colourful clothes

We all know personally how much a colourful outfit can really lift our spirits. If you’ve a friend who is unhappy with how they dress or desperate to wear colour but frightened to start - be the one to introduce them to the happy world of comfy colourful clothes (we’ve also written a guide on “How to wear colour” if you want a link to share).

“Your clothes have brought back my enjoyment in buying new outfits and I feel great in them. I was always in black but now experimenting with the happy colours.”

To all our amazing ladies, Happy International Women's Day! Thank you for being the amazingly vibrant and lovely people you are!

(And if you want to join our bright corner of Facebook, you can find the Euphoria Boutique Exclusive Facebook Group here.)