Keeping Positive During Lockdown

Ideas to Stay Positive in Lockdown at Euphoria Boutique

Spring is finally starting to wake up and we’re all huge fans of spring colours here at Euphoria. Brighter colours (bring on the hot pinks, cheery greens, and daffodil yellows), warmer weather very slightly inching towards us, and, of course, the end in sight for Lockdown 3.

It can be hard to keep staying positive during such a lonely and hard spring so we thought we’d pull together some ideas we’re using to help us stay positive. Let us know in the Facebook group if you’ve got any others to share!

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  1. Buy some daffs. Does anything shout spring as beautifully as a vase full of gaudy daffodils? They’re not expensive, so why not grab a bunch during your next food shop and enjoy the heady scent of them as they open up.
  2. Get out of your pjs. Yes, they’re comfy. No, they will not make you feel vibrant and alive! We all need occasional pyjama days (preferably with a really good book or new Netflix series) but it does nothing for us day-in day-out to only be wearing our sleepwear. Consider at least grabbing a comfy colourful tunic and leggings - you can trick your body into thinking it’s still in loungewear while actually feeling put together. It really does make a difference. (We’re loving the bright spring colours in our Burst into Bloom collection).
  3. Think about the colours you’re wearing. Did you catch our blog post where we dug into the psychology behind different colours? Mind blown. Colours can affect us so use it to your advantage when you pick your outfit for the day. Need a bit of optimism? Pick yellow. Need some calm and tranquility? Green is for you!
  4. Grab a warm coat, a thick scarf, and get outside. Well, if it’s properly spring out there and the last winter gales aren’t trying to sabotage it. See the buds starting to show up on the trees, the spring bulbs popping up all over the place, and the fact if you walk fast enough and wear enough outerwear, you might actually start feeling warm (we love a good blanket scarf here at Euphoria for staying warm and cosy)!
  5. Open the windows. Again, not on the winter gale days so much. But it really does feel like spring has come when you can risk opening the window, even for 5 minutes, and hear the birds singing.
    Spring Mood Board for Colourful Clothes at Euphoria Boutique
  6. Write someone a card. Most of Britain is currently stuck at home and struggling with it. In a world of digital Zoom conversations and emails, why not put ink to paper and send someone a quick note on a card? Think how surprised they’ll be when the postman brings something other than another Euphoria parcel! Extra points if you manage to find a card with daffodils on it...
  7. Do some baking. Why not start practising some Welsh cakes for St David’s Day or perfect your cupcakes in time for the garden parties we’re all going to be desperate for as soon as we’re allowed?!
  8. Buy yourself a summery dress. Hear us out: whilst it may be too cold to wear it as it is right now, you can totally pair summer dresses with leggings, scarves, and oversized hoodies to give yourself a bright and colourful laying option right now, in the middle of spring. (Plus you can then wear it during the heatwave we’re hoping happens about Easter time.)
  9. Experiment with accessories. During the lockdowns it can be far too easy to slip into a rut with clothing. Why not try switching things up a bit by grabbing some fun costume earrings, a long necklace, or colourful scarves? Adding some bolder accessories can really glam an outfit up. Don’t forget, even if no one else will see you - you’re totally worth dressing up for.
  10. Start a hobby you’ve always fancied trying. There’s still time to pick up that new hobby you’ve always wanted to try but never quite found the time for. Use your saved commuting time to learn a new language (Duolingo is great for this) or find some YouTube tutorials and learn how to felt or crochet.
Staying Positive with Euphoria Boutique

How have you been staying positive during lockdowns? Are there any special things you’ve found really help you stay upbeat and keep going?

Share them with us at our Euphoria Boutique Exclusive Facebook group and countdown the days with us until the sun really returns and we can re-learn how to give a hug!