What Is Free Size Clothing?

2021 is the year of self love and if you don’t already, it’s time to embrace who you are and love the skin you are in!

Let’s face it: most of us throughout the years fluctuate between dress sizes which can sometimes make us feel self conscious and down on ourselves. Then BOOM - along comes free size dressing. The freedom to not let a clothing size label define how you feel about yourself. Here at Euphoria we are all for this kind of empowerment.

So how does free size work?

Free size clothing is designed specifically to be unstructured and flexible in its design, meaning that typically a free size garment will fit an average of traditional sizes. At Euphoria the majority of our styles will fit sizes 10/12 through to 22/24.

Styles are typically of a relaxed or loose fit and fall beautifully. The feedback we get in the masses is that our style of clothing gets our customers looking and feeling their best selves - lots have even said it’s given them their confidence back and to hear that is just absolutely AMAZING!

Another positive of our styles at Euphoria is that each and every piece has plentiful fabric - meaning no skimpy or ill-fitting designs. Free size clothing has a very flattering look, it’s ALWAYS comfortable to wear and ALWAYS easy-wearing!

If you want to feel comfy, relaxed and confident then free size is the way forward. Ask the hundreds of Euphoria ladies who are already beaming with confidence and feeling amazing. You can too!

How will you know which items are best suited to you? Don’t worry - we give a size guide on each style on our website for example ‘Free size fitting up to a size 18/20’ so you know if the style is going to be suitable. We also show our clothing on a real person on the photographs so you can see how it fits too. Not only that, we also have a fabulous group on Facebook where our customers post their photographs wearing the garments on a regular basis so you can see our styles in real women just like you. If that wasn’t enough, tune into our Facebook live videos every week & see the clothing tried on in real time right from your phone or tablet.

Are you ready to embrace the freedom of free size? (If you want more info on free size clothing, do check out our "Fabulous Guide to Free Size Clothing" page which is full of tips on how to wear free size clothing and how to use the size guide in more detail).

Katie xx