The Ultimate Outfit Inspiration for Over 50s

Colourful and stylish clothes for over 50s at Euphoria Boutique

Outfit Inspiration for Over 50s: Find comfort, colour, and creativity in stylish clothes for over fifties

We’re going to get really practical in here, looking at stylish clothes for over fifties that are bold and full of colour and work really well in fabulous outfits. These are outfits that cheer you up just by seeing them in the wardrobe (we’re not making it up - listen to this customer: “I love that I can go to my wardrobe and say, “What colour today?””). We’ve made sure there are plenty of ‘fashion over 50’ photos so you can see how good combining crazy colours can look.

Let’s kick it off with looking at how to mix and match colours. Now, at Euphoria, we love a super colour explosion so our top tip would be just put it all on! But if we’re going to go a little more toned down, there are some colour combinations that just scream to be put together.

Don’t forget, this is the colourful guide to stylish clothes for over fifties.

I love that I can go to the wardrobe and say what colour today - customer quote at Euphoria Boutique, home of colourful stylish clothes for over fifties
Teal + Yellow

We’ll start off (slightly) gently. If you want a classic look with that splash of colour, you can’t go wrong with a bright daffodil yellow and a gentle teal. It’s a bold combination that we hope you agree just screams sophistication whilst still having a bit of fun.

“Now, I never wear yellow. In fact, I never wear colour. Just 'muted' earthy shades usually... I am converted and addicted! I love these clothes and I love this group!” - a convert to colourful stylish clothes for over fifties!

(Don’t forget, a dark denim also makes yellow pop beautifully and really accents it well.)

Why not have a peek through our cheery yellow collection or maybe you need some teal accent pieces?

Teal joggers and yellow sweater to make colourful stylish outfits for over fifties at Euphoria Boutique

What else could I wear teal with? Peach, bright pink, cream or white, or navy (if you want some neutrals to wear with your lovely teal joggers!).

What else could I wear yellow with? Yellow goes with nearly everything which makes it a great colour to start with. Our top favourites, though, would be green, pink, or blue. Again, navy looks absolutely stunning against it.


 Pink + Purple

Pink and purple colour swatch

Does it feel like a pink and purple combo belongs in the realm of the young? Absolutely not! It’s a playful look that screams fun, regardless of the age of its wearer, placing it firmly inside the stylish clothes for over fifties category!

One gorgeous lady said: “When you discover Euphoria and purple magic stretch trousers and suddenly you’re purple mad…” to prove purple is definitely a colour to be trying on!

Or if you really don’t believe us, how about this amazing woman: “I never thought for a minute at my age I would wear bubblegum pink but I love it thanks so much.”

Pink and purple outfit breakdown at Euphoria Boutique with stylish clothes for over fifties

What else could I wear purple with? Yellow, orange, and green look stunning with purple.

What else could I wear pink with? Orange (sounds strange, looks incredible), blue, yellow, as many neutrals as you own… 

Peach + Teal

These colours compliment each other gorgeously. They have a ‘sunset over a tropical beach’ feel to them that feels very welcoming here in Britain!

Depending on your skin tone and hair colour, peach may look amazing next to your face or might be something you consider grabbing some joggers or magical stretch trousers in. Don’t you agree it looks like an exotic holiday in warm clothing form?!
Peach and teal outfit breakdown at Euphoria Boutique, stylish clothes for over fifties
What else could I wear teal with? Peach, bright pink, cream or white, or navy (if you want some neutrals to wear with your lovely teal joggers!).
What else could I wear peach with? Pink (trust us, it does actually work!) and cream look great with peach.
Red + Orange
Ok, the final colour combination is two gorgeous autumnal colours in an outfit: red and orange. The warmth of these two make them a stunning combination and prove stylish clothes for over fifties really can be an explosion of vibrant colour.

Similar to peach, orange might be a colour you find easier to wear in trouser form but definitely play around with it. Also bear in mind there are paler oranges all the way to full on tropicana orange so don’t be put off if one specific orange didn’t work for you.
Red and orange outfit breakdown for Euphoria Boutique with stylish clothes for over fifties

What else could I wear red with? Yellow, mint, blue, and pink can all look boldly amazing mixed with orange.

What else could I wear orange with? Blue, burgundy, purple, pink, green and yellow all provide brilliant options if red isn’t your cup of tea.

So we’ve shown a few really stunning colour combinations that hopefully sparked your imagination with colour combinations you can bring to stylish clothes for over fifties. Join the crew declaring: “Love the colour which brightens up my wardrobe.”

"Love the colour which brightens up my wardrobe." quote at Euphoria Boutique

So what about some actual items of stylish clothes for over fifties?

Next we’re going to look at specific items of clothing that our ladies keep raving about and how to wear them, all inspired by the amazing cheerleaders in the Euphoria Boutique Facebook group (if you want to see how to rock stylish clothes for over fifties, go join us there!).

It’s easy to get stuck into a rut with clothes and not realise the world of opportunity in mix-and-matching different styles. So let’s play with some different outfits ideas for a bit, all focused around three items of clothing our ladies absolutely love: joggers, tunics, and oversized hoodies.

(In our blog post "The Ultimate Guide to Day-to-Night Outfits for Over 50s", we looked a bit more at clothes that transition really well from daily life to glam party wear so definitely read that if you want to jazz up your clothes!)


Joggers - ultimate stylish clothes for over fifties at Euphoria BoutiqueJoggers

Welcome to a world-changing item of clothing: joggers. Basically you’ve got elasticated trousers that look amazing but feel like your pyjama bottoms. Stylish clothes for over fifties just got taken to a whole new level. (If you’re not convinced, read our blog post “Why Joggers Are a Wardrobe Must-Have” to find out why they are the bee’s knees).

What we love about joggers is how versatile they are. You can literally wear them all year round in different outfit combinations. Here are some of our favourites:

- An oversized hoodie, with boots, and wearing a big chunky scarf. Let’s face it, staying warm is a frequent issue for us and often style can get chucked out of the window for comfort. Not any more! Join the ranks of ladies “relaxing in comfort inside”.

- A colourful flowy top and sandals. Get beach ready with a free sized tunic and some bright joggers (oh, did we mention they come patterned as well? You know, just to make the colour party even more incredible).

- Add a free size tunic. That’s it. Oh, and maybe a pair of shoes (boots, sandals, pick your favourite!). Go for a patterned tunic with joggers (also called magical stretch trousers) in a plain colour or pick your favourite patterned joggers and grab a tunic in a complementing colour.

Ok, so fangirl rave over joggers aside, let’s look at some of the other items of clothing generally loved. (It’s not just us, by the way, listen to this lady: “Rocking some pink joggers today and I can see how the obsession takes hold! They are so comfy, not sure I’ll ever be wearing a pair of jeans again!”).


Free size tunics for stylish clothes for over fifties at Euphoria BoutiqueFree Size Tunics

Imagine a top that accented your beautiful curves without making you feel uncomfortable or like you’re being squeezed into something? Then imagine it in your favourite colour. Welcome to Euphoria’s addiction with free size tunics.

If you’ve always fancied trying out tunics but aren’t quite sure what to pair them with, you’re in luck. Let’s break it down.

- Joggers. Yes, those amazing trousers we wouldn’t stop talking about a few minutes ago. Throw on a tunic over your joggers and you’ve the comfort of loungewear but look colourful and stylish. You can add some boots for the winter and some sandals in the summer. Maybe throw on a blanket scarf for extra warmth during the autumn and a silk scarf for a colour bling during the spring.

- Crop leggings. For those magical summer evenings where it’s warm and you can sit outside watching the sunset, crop leggings under a tunic are deliciously cool and super colourful. Again, sandals can finish the outfit off with class.

- Tights. For longer tunics, tights work brilliantly to transform it into a nice warm dress. Grab those boots again, or your favourite pair of shoes, and maybe grab a blanket scarf to keep extra cosy, or even add an oversized hoodie to keep the cosy factor going.

Oversized Hoodies - stylish clothing for over fifties at Euphoria BoutiqueOversized Hoodies

Ok, and the last item of clothing you do not want to leave the house without is oversized hoodies. These are so versatile. They will literally go over anything and give you a nice snuggly outer layer. Don't believe us? Read on...

- Tunic, tights, and boots. Stay super warm during cooler months with as many layers as you can pack on!

Magical Stretch Trousers. If you’re afraid of getting swamped by too much fabric, balance out an oversized hoodie with some more fitted bottoms, like the magical stretch trousers.

- Crop leggings. For those slightly cooler summer days, our lightweight hoodies work brilliantly with crop leggings or joggers. It gives you a bit more warmth with the chillier starts but still feels fresh and summery.

And that’s it - the top 3 favourite clothing items at Euphoria Boutique and, hopefully, some ways you can get more wear out of them.

Colourful stylish clothes for over fifties at Euphoria Boutique

Please bear in mind this is a continuously growing page. We’ll make sure we keep linking in blog posts (got some great ones coming up looking at more ways to style joggers or wear colourful tunics) so do get in touch if there are any outfit ideas you’d love to see explored!

You can also join our Euphoria Boutique Exclusive Group over on Facebook which is filled with so many ladies celebrating stylish clothes for over fifties and absolutely rocking the bold and cheerful colours. Please do come over and join us in our little space of positivity and community.